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Youth One More cast Pro-Fishing Shirt with UV45+, Youth Surf Fish Dive Tee, Addict Bros Wide Brim Hat, 2 x Addict Brothers Stickers, 1 x Daiwa Kids Hat

Our Youth Tees are a shorter fit, so size up for your growing grom.

Not sure which size is best for you? Check out our sizing guide.

Stickers shown in the photo are currently unavailable and have been replaced by a face mask.

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Youth Fish Surf Dive Tee

The Youth Fish Surf Dive Tee is a celebration of the positive ocean and fishing lifestyle so many young Australians enjoy. Made from a comfortable 100% cotton blend and coloured in black to hide stains, this shirt is a hit year round. Please note - while normal width, this tee is 2 inches shorter than standard youth shirt sizing. Selecting one size larger than normal is recommended.


Addict Bros Youth - Wide Brim Fishing Hat

Taking the kids out for a long day on the water? Ensure they have an Addict Bros Youth - Wide Brim Fishing Hat for the ultimate coverage against the elements. With a wide brim for excellent sun protection, this hat has also been crafted for comfort with a lightweight, water resistant fabric, allowing water to bead and brush off. Perfect when worn for extended periods without discomfort, so the kids can concentrate on the next big fish!

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Youth - One More Cast Fishing Shirt

Made from lightweight Castmesh material the One more Cast Fishing Shirt will keep you cool and safe from the sun with UPF45+ protection.

These custom fishing shirts will not fade nor shrink and are super quick drying.

A very comfortable shirt to wear when spending big hours in the sun.

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