We are not related by blood but there is an unspoken brotherhood that connects us from the passions we share. It’s an addiction with Fishing, Surfing and Diving, bonding us to a life at the mercy of the Sea.

We connect from a shared respect of our oceans and understand the need to sustain this amazing mass of life that covers two thirds or our planet.

Addict Brothers bonds like minded, passionate people to respect our oceans, promote sustainability and drive change.

Our Garments

Hanging out with like minded people, it’s incredible how the creative juices flow. Addict Brothers represents the vast majority of people that simply love the ocean and outdoors and all they have to offer.

Our designs are a collaboration of ideas from our ambassadors, our production crew, our designers and our customers. We combine our ideas to create clothing that we all want to wear. Avoiding super trendy ideas and using small batch production with contributors and artists to create original offerings.

We use only the best materials so our garments last wash after wash and in some cases age to look even better.

We hope you love wearing them as much as we do.